Window treatments are a vital part of any home. They provide protection, privacy, light control, insulation, and decoration for the windows in your home. At Speedy Shades, we carry an array of window coverings, but none are as durable as our collection of shutters. We offer window shutters from some of the best window treatment brands, including Hunter Douglas, Norman®, and ALTA Window Fashions.

Why Choose Shutters?

There are many reasons that vinyl, faux wood, and wooden shutters are a fantastic choice for your home or office. Shutters are our most durable window treatments because they feature solidly constructed louvers and frames made from top-quality materials. They are built to withstand years of consistent use.

Our shutters can also be customized to fit your home’s aesthetic style. Wood shutters add natural beauty and warmth and are available in several stunning stains. Faux wood and composite shutters have better moisture resistance and can mimic the appearance of wooden shutters or be painted for a more modern look. Vinyl shutters are engineered to resist warping, cracking, peeling, and discoloration.

However, probably the biggest reason to choose window shutters for your home is that they are guaranteed to fit every window. Shutters offer the most versatility in shape while remaining operational. We can also outfit each type of shutter with decorative hardware and one of several operation options. Our team will professionally measure your windows and fabricate your shutters to fit any form. This includes skylights, French doors, sliding glass doors, bay windows, angled windows, arches, sunbursts, circles, ovals, hexagons, octagons, and more.

Hunter Douglas Shutters

Heritance® Wood Shutters

Perfect for adding the fine touch of natural materials into your space, these traditional wooden shutters are made from 100% hardwood poplar and basswood that is artistically finished in one of 35 stain choices. If you don’t like any of the available colors, then Hunter Douglas allows you to customize your color or choose one of their unique artisan finishes. Each wood shutter is made using Truemill® dovetail construction, eliminating the need for glues and other adhesives.

Hunter Douglas Shutters, Shutters, Window Shutters, Heritance® Wood Shutters, Wooden Shutters, near Mooresville, North Carolina (NC)

NewStyle® Composite Shutters

These composite wood shutters are a durable option perfect for high-traffic areas. Made with the same Truemill® dovetail construction as our hardwood shutters, these composite shutters are finished with UltraGrain™ to perfectly mimic the look and grain of a classic wooden shutter. The polypropylene coating and composite construction make them more resistant to heat and moisture than genuine wooden shutters, which makes them ideal for humid rooms in your home. NewStyle® Composite Shutters can also utilize the Quick Align™ feature, which creates preset louver positions that let you unify the look of your shutters.

Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ Vinyl Shutters

Guaranteed to not bend, discolor, or fade in hot and humid environments like kitchens and bathrooms, these poly vinyl shutters work in every room in the home. We suggest these window shutters if you want a modern, understated aesthetic – though they look equally great in a more traditional home. They are available in neutral colors curated to compliment any interior design style. Each louver has resin blocks and aluminum bracing that keep them ramrod straight even in extreme climates. Their vinyl construction also makes it easy to clean them with nothing more than water and mild soap.

Norman® Shutters

Norman® Shutters, Shutters, Window Shutters, Wood Shutters, Wooden Shutters, near Mooresville, North Carolina (NC)

Norman® Ultra Shutters

These stunning wooden shutters are the result of years of craftsmanship innovation. Each piece of wood is dried using Prescription Wood Conditioning® to reduce shrinking and swelling and increase the wood’s humidity resistance. These shutters are also bigger, stronger, and more robust because they have 30% more wood than other Norman® Shutters.

Normandy® Shutters

These Paulownia wood shutters are the perfect option if you are looking for sophisticated beauty. Each features mortise and tenon construction that creates tight joints without screws or fasteners, and the frames are built from multiple wood layers bonded with pressure, hearty, and polymer to guarantee they can withstand the tests of time. Normandy® wooden shutters are each artistically stained for a rich deep finish that is sure to stand out.

Woodlore® Shutters

These wood composite shutters are eco-friendly because their construction involves very little waste. Their solid core can withstand temperatures up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and their polypropylene coating resists cupping, warping, fading, yellowing, and staining. Woodlore® Shutters also use the patented InvisibleTilt™ operation system. This system uses embossed gears and pinions instead of a hidden tilt bar along the back. As a result, you get better views and tighter closure.

Woodlore® Plus Shutters

If you want more color options, then these shutters are perfect. These window shutters can be painted in custom colors, allowing you to match the interior design of your home. Woodlore® Plus shutters are constructed with ABS louvers and wood composite frames. As a result, they are some of the toughest interior shutters on the market. ABS is also fully waterproof, making these shutters a great option for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

ALTA Shutters

ALTA Eclipse Polyresin Shutters

These vinyl shutters combine the classic shutter beauty with a polyresin construction that will never ship, warp, peel, crack, or discolor. You can clean each shutter with a mild soap and some water. We suggest these window shutters if you want a minimalist modern look and incredible durability.

ALTA Shutters, Shutters, Window Shutters, Wood Shutters, Wooden Shutters, near Mooresville, North Carolina (NC)

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As you can see, at Speedy Shades, we believe in offering our customers options and the opportunity to find the perfect product for their dreams and budget. We strive to provide top-quality window treatments to the entire Greater Charlotte area. Our window covering options include manual and automatic treatments from Hunter Douglas, Comfortex, Norman® Blinds, ALTA, and Fenetex®. Our team has over ten years of experience in the window covering industry, and we are always available to help you decide which of our fantastic products is right for you.

You can visit our showroom in Mooresville, North Carolina, by contacting us to schedule an appointment. We also offer free in-home consultations. Speedy Shades is a locally owned and operated company. We proudly serve the Greater Charlotte area, including Mooresville, Davidson, Denver, Cornelius, Huntersville, Charlotte, Concord, Statesville, and Sherrill’s Ford, North Carolina.